Links to help with Daffodils

Instructions for planting Daffodil bulbs from Ruty - Click here.

Sample classroom weather observations.

Daffodil Project in NYC posted on the MY HERO webiste.

Before Planting - Notes from Ruty

How to Plan

How to Plant


Sample Lesson

Science Project



The Daffodil and Tulip Project


This year students from all parts of the world will plant Daffodil and Tulip bulbs. During the same week in November (November 20-30, 2008) we will plant Daffodils and/or Tulip bulbs.  We will share with each other about the temperature, latitude and longitude and many other things related to growing bulbs in our own country. 

A special story about Daffodils and changing the world - one flower at a time!

Miss Rumphius a story about creating beauty shared with us by Yu-Han, from TMUE, Taipei, Taiwan.

We looked up to see the latitude and longitude  of each town to see where they were in the world.  Use this link to understand LATITUDE and LONGITUDE. We looked them up on a map too. View the world from from 35785 km up.  See where it is day time and night time. If you have a website we can link to about your school and the project please post that too and we will "hook it all up together!"

We are part of an online network of teachers and students from around the world that collaborate on projects together and try to build bridges between people and make the world a better place.  If you are members of IEARN you can join our conversation here.

School Website from Mrs. Collette and Mrs. Hedtler's Class

If you find helpful information about planting, or stories related to the flowers post in the forum and we will continue to build our resources.

Asking the Questions:
See if one of these articles will help you think of the questions that could go with the Daffodil and Tulip Project.

Designing Effective Projects: Curriculum Framing Questions

Tips for Teachers - Asking Good Questions

Framing Essential Questions

Creating Essential Questions

Inquiry Based Science

Climate Change and Flowering Plants:
Beautiful Lilacs Tell a Tale about Climate Change.

GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It works on many operating systems, in many languages.

Gardening with Kids:
Kids Gardening - Great resource for teachers and families about working with gardens with children.

How do 21st Century Students Learn:
TeacherTube has some great ideas and resources from teachers. Here is a presentation done about how students learn in the 21st Century. Maybe you will add something to TeacherTube

Lesson Plan Templates:
You may have a certain way that you like to create lessons. There are many helps online.

On this page there are several kinds - including Technology Integrated Plans and Science Lessons - You might find something helpful.

This page comes from Kennesaw State University. There are some great ones here too.

Natural Bulbs:
Tulip World is an organic bulb farmer who has a website and offers tips and ideas for growing tulips and daffodils.

The following subjects will be described:
- Flower bulbs in the garden (preferred type of soil, location, sun or shade);
- Planting of bulbs, depth and distance;
- Lifting or not? Harvesting;
- Planting in pots;
- Forcing bulbs;
- Cut flowers

Project Budburst:
Project Budburst: This project has lessons about planting and tracking blossoms. They are not ready for us to join but I think you can get some great lessons from this website.

Sharing Slideshows:
At BubbleShare, we know that photos are more than just static images. Every photo is a story - an adventure, a piece of solitude, a relationship, or a tall tale. BubbleShare's mission is to help you tell your story using fun Web-based tools that make your photo sharing experience easy and entertaining.

Simply put: You have stories, and we want to help you tell them.

If you think sharing photos is a pain, then you're not alone. It takes time to register, fill out a profile, upload and arrange your photos, and to show them to the folks you care about.

We built BubbleShare to make it simple for you to share your photos and tell your stories.

Skype allows users to communicate in real time all around the world.

A great article about why SKYPE is important for teachers

Time Around the World:
WORLDTIMESERVER provides correct and current time in any world time zone, country or major city. Accurate adjustments for Daylight Saving Time ( or Summer Time ) are made according to each location's rules and laws. No matter what time zone a country or city is located in, this is your top choice for a clock resource site.

Tulip Project:
Journey North Gardens has lot of resources for our project - it only focusses on the US but I think there is much we can learn from their lessons.

Weather Lessons:
Weather lessons and website.

Writing in Science Field Journals:
How Does My Garden Grow? Writing in Science Field Journals
Read Write Think offers great ideas for teachers (and their students) here is one that will fit right into our project!

Links to help with Tulips

Instructions for planting Tulip bulbs from Ruty - Click here.


bulb profile: TulipsBulb Profile information. Click picture.

Growing Tips from Australia.

Gardening with Kids - short notes on Tulip.

Family journal in spring from Holland.

Cross Section of a Tulip Bulb

Life Cycle of a Tulip

Planting Tulips