Cape Henlopen State  Park


Every year the students at Elementary Workshop Montessori School go to Cape Henlopen State Park to learn about the environment.  It is a special trip for both the younger students as well as the older ones.  Students in the 6-9 year old class go for one over night.  They have lessons on the flora and fauna of the park as well as spend some great time together enjoying the beach, cooking together even enjoying the annual Talent Show in the evening.  Teachers spend much time preparing the students for the trip as well as preparing for the trip.  Parents play an active role as well, helping with cooking and clearning and other projects depending on their expertise and interest.

The 2nd Years in Class E1 created animal riddles based on animals they may see at CHSP.  See if you can guess who they are talking about - then check out their wonderful drawings.

I am blue.
I have tentacles.
I have no bones.
My body is the shape of a bell or an umbrella.
What Am I?
I live on the coast, by the bay, or near estuaries.
My sound is like laughing ha-ha-haah.
We make our nests in colonies.
I usually eat small crabs and shrimp but I will help you with your beach picnic if you are not careful.
What Am I?
I too live at Cape Henlopen.
I cannot be picked up by my "telson"(special word for my tail).
I live in the water and on the shore.
My color is reddish brown.
What Am I?
I can lay 3-6 eggs at a time.
I eat lots of rats.
I am one of the most beautiful birds that comes out at night.
What Am I?
I am a big brown bird.
My beak has a pouch that holds 3 times what my stomach can hold.
I have a 6.5 to 7.5 foot wingspan.
I am a carnivore (meat-eater) that eats mostly fish.
What Am I?
I am blue.
I live in the bay.
I have two claws and six legs.
I am one of Delaware Vacationers favorite meals.
What Am I?

Our idea for the riddles came from Mrs. Anderson's class in Washington.  You might like their riddles too!

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